IJAM - Volume 20 – N°3 Printemps 2018 (Papier)

Volume 20 n° 3  —  V203-P
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2018

IJAM - Volume 20 – N°3 Printemps 2018 (Papier)


Culture and Media: The Attention Challenge

Stéphanie Peltier,
Mamoudou Touré

Does the Web Diversify the Visibility of Books? Evidence From French Data

Angela Besana,
Anna Maria Bagnasco,
Annamaria Esposito,
Alessia Calzolari
It's a Matter of Attention: The Marketing of Theatres in the Age of Social Media
Guy Morrow Distributed Agility: Artist Co-management in the Music Attention Economy
Philippe Tassi Media: From the Contact Economy to the Attention Economy

Marketing Research

Carole Martinez,
Florence Euzéby,
Jeanne Lallement

The Importance of the Venue in an Information Search: Online Ticket Purchase in the Performing Arts


Yi Lin,
François Colbert

Chinese Opera and the International Market

Company Profile


Anne Gombault,
Didier Selles

Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Radical Innovation, But What Future for French Cultural Influence?