IJAM - Volume 2 – N°2 Hiver 2000 (PDF)

Volume 2  —  V22-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2000
Pages : 86

IJAM - Volume 2 – N°2 Hiver 2000 (PDF)


Ideas and Opinions

Y. Evrard,
F. Colbert

Arts Management: A New Discipline Entering the Millennium?


Management and Organizations

J. Harrison

Outsourcing in Museums 

F. Go, M. Gribling, 
M. van Dueren den Hollander

Rotterdam 2001: Creating More Cultural Capital than it Costs


Management of Cultural Organization Performance

B. J. Soren

The Learning Cultural Organization of the Millennium: Performance Measures and Audience Response


Mass Communication

M. Braun 

Courting the Media: How the 1998 Spoleto Festival USA Attracted Media Coverage


Industrial Organization

S. Salvemini,
G. Delmestri 

Governance in the Movie Industry: Alternatives to Hollywood


Company Profile

E. Levshina,
Y. Orlov

General and Specific Issues in Russian Theatre