IJAM - Volume 2 – N°1 Automne 1999 (PDF)

Volume 2  —  V21-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 1999
Pages : 91

IJAM - Volume 2 – N°1 Automne 1999 (PDF)


Ideas and Opinions

R. Sunter

Variations on a Music Director


Management of Change

R. Rentschler,
G. Geursen

Unlocking Art Museum Management: Myths and Realities for Contemporary Times


Management and Organizations

M. Lecoutre,
P. Lièvre

The Creation and Development of Cultural Organizations: Towards a Modelling of the Process


Measurement of Cultural Organization Performance

I. Gilhespy

Measuring the Performance of Cultural Organizations: A Model



K. V. Mulcahy

Cultural Patronage in the United States

N. Sauvanet

Sponsorship in France


Financial Management

A. Lafortune,
J.-G. Rousseau,
L. Bégin

An Exploration of Management Control in the Arts and Cultural Sector


 Company Profile

B. Gainer                   

Achieving Stability and Success in Crowded Markets: The Case of Tafelmusik