IJAM - Volume 1 – N°1 Automne 1998 (Papier)

Volume 1  —  V11-P
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 1998
Pages : 71

IJAM - Volume 1 – N°1 Automne 1998 (Papier)


Ideas and Opinions

J. R. Killacky 

Corporate Research and Venture Capital Models for the Arts 


Market Research

F. Colbert,
C. Beauregard,
L. Vallée

 The Importance of Ticket Prices for Theater Patrons

B. M. Kolb

Classical Music Concerts can be fun :The Success of BBC Proms



Human Resources Management

T. Cheney

Managing the Culture Labour Force in the 21st Century

S. Roodhouse

The Development of Museum Training in the United Kingdom



Strategic Management

F. McLean

Corporate Identity in Museums : An Exploratory Study

N.M. Wijnberg,
G. Gemser

Reputation as a Tool for Innovation Management :
The Case of the French Impressionists



Company Profile

G. Morency,
J. Needles

Creative Management - Focus on the Creative Collaboration