IJAM - Volume 21 – N°3 Printemps 2019 (PDF)

Volume 21 n° 3  —  V213-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2019

IJAM - Volume 21 - No 3


Human Resource Management

Sophie Hennekam,
Dawn Bennett,
Sally Macarthur,
Cat Hope,
Talisha Goh

An International Perspective on Managing a Career as a Woman Composer

Daniel Lotufo Maudonnet,
Thomaz Wood Jr.,
Pedro F. Bendassolli

From Know-How to Know-When: Strategies That Brazilian Musicians Use to Reorient Their Careers in the Face of Technological and Institutional Changes

Marketing Research

Tanja Komarac,
Durdana Ozretic Dosen,
Vatroslav Skare

The Role of the Museum Shop: Eliciting the Opinions of Museum Professionals
Roger Bennett Object Label Quality and Label Readership in Small Museums

Performance Measurement

Simon Alcouffe,
Pascale Amans,
Isabelle Assassi,
Fabienne Oriot
French Budget Act (LOLF) Indicators as Seen Through the Lens of the National Drama Centres: A Case Study

Company Profile

Lin Yi,
François Colbert,
Luo Huihui
Operations Management and Strategic Positioning of the NCPA