IJAM - Volume 19 – N°3 Printemps 2017 (PDF)

Volume 19 n° 3  —  V193-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2017

IJAM - Volume 19 – N°3 Printemps 2017 (PDF)


Marketing Research

M.-J. Miquel-Romero,
J. D. Montoro-Pons

Consumption Habits, Perception and Positioning of Content-Access Devices in Recorded Music


Market Research

V. Fernández-Blanco,
J. Prieto-Rodríguez,
J. Suarez-Pandiello

A Quantitative Analysis of Reading Habits in Spain


Marketing Management

E. Hernando,
S. Campo

An Artist’s Perceived Value: Development of a Measurement Scale


Management and Organizations

F. J. Gómez González,
G. A. Mendizábal,
L. de Domingo Sanz

Share of Local Programming in Spanish Public Theatres

Strategic Management

L. Palma,
M. L. Palma,
A. Rodríguez,
J. L. Martín,
I. Cascajo

Live Flamenco in Spain: A Dynamic Analysis of Supply, With Managerial Implications


Company Profile

M. Cuadrado-García

Teatro Olympia: A Family-Run Venue Entering a New Century