IJAM - Volume 5 – N°2 Hiver 2003 (Papier)

Volume 5 n° 2  —  V52-P
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2003
Pages : 82

IJAM - Volume 5 – N°2 Hiver 2003 (Papier)

Manager's Voice

D. Griffin

Leaders in Museums: Entrepreneurs or Role Models?

Human Resources Management

P. Dewey,
J.D. Rich

Developing Arts Management Skills in Transitional Democracies

A. Creigh-Tyte,
S. Creigh-Tyte,
B. Thomas

Employment in the Cultural Sector: The United Kingdom in the Late 1990s

Management and Organizations

A. Ropo,
E. Sauer

Partnerships of Orchestras: Towards Shared Leadership

Marketing Management

C. Burton,
C. Scott

Museums: Challenges for the 21st Century

Company Profile

F. Colbert

The Sydney Opera House: An Australian Icon