IJAM - Volume 16 – N°2 Hiver 2014 (PDF)

Volume 16 n° 2  —  V162-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2014

IJAM - Volume 16 – N°2 Hiver 2014 (PDF)


Marketing Management

P. Balloffet,
F. H. Courvoisier,
J. Lagier

From Museum to Amusement Park: The Opportunities and Risks of Edutainment


Market Research

H. Yoon,

Determinants of the Number of Artworks in Corporate Art Collections


Stratigic Management

B. Slavich,
R. Cappetta,
S. Salvemini

Creativity and the Reproduction of Cultural Products: 

The Experience of Italian Haute Cuisine Chefs


Management and Organization

T. Paris, F. Leroy

Managing Transition in an Artistic Company With Entrepreneurial Management:
A Case Study of Groupe Bernard Loiseau


 Company Profile 

M. Inversini,
B. Manzoni,
S. Salvemini

Daniel Boulud: The Making of a Successful Creative Individual Business Model