IJAM - Volume 16 – N°1 Automne 2013 (PDF)

Volume 16 n° 1  —  V161-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2013
Pages : 86

IJAM - Volume 16 – N°1 Automne 2013 (PDF)


 Human Ressources Management

A. Scapolan,
F. Montanari

How to Attract and Retain Artistic Talent:  The Case of an Italian Ballet Company


Measurement of Cultural Organization Performance

F. Badia, F. Donato                                                      

Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites:  Per Aspera ad Astra


Marketing Management

E. Kemp, M.G. White

Embracing Jazz: Exploring Audience Participation in
Jazz Music in Its Birthplace


Market Research

J.D. Snowball

Are Arts Events a Good Way of Augmenting the Economic Impact of Sport?
The Case of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the National Arts Festival in South Africa


 Company Profile 

S. Poisson-de Haro,
F. Normandin,
E. Coblence

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts:
Balancing International Reach and Strong Local Roots