IJAM - Volume 15 – N°3 Printemps 2013 (PDF)

Volume 15 n° 3  —  V153-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2013
Pages : 94

IJAM - Volume 15 – N°3 Printemps 2013 (PDF)


 Marketing Research

T. Hennig-Thurau, S. Fuchs,
M.B. Houston

What's a Movie Worth? Determining the Monetary Value of Motion Pictures' TV Rights

 R. Bennett, R. Kottasz

Attractiveness of Limited Edition Artwork for First-Generation Newly Affluent Consumers


Marketing Management

P. Germain-Thomas

The Subsidized Contemporary Dance Market in France: Creation at All Costs

B. Plaza, S.N. Haarich,
C. M. Waldron

Picasso's Guernica: The Strength of an Art Brand in Destination e-Branding


 Company Profile 

T.W. Thurner

Searching for Relevance: Survival Strategies of Museums During Times of Political Uncertainty in South Africa