IJAM - Volume 13 – N°3 Printemps 2011 (PDF)

Volume 13  —  V133-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2011
Pages : 89

IJAM - Volume 13 – N°3 Printemps 2011 (PDF)


 Marketing Management

M. Lindenberg,
K. Oosterlinck

Art Collections as a Strategy Tool: A Typology Based on the Belgian Financial Sector


Measurement of Cultural Organization Performance

R.J. Kushner,
R. Cohen

Measuring National-Level Cultural Capacity With the National Arts Index


Arts Founding

E. Bertacchini,
W. Santagata,
G. Signorello

Individual Giving to Support Cultural Heritage


Management of Cultural Organization

C. Pérez-Cabañero,
M. Cuadrado-García

Evolution of Arts and Cultural Management Research Over the
First Ten AIMAC Conferences (1991–2009)


 Company Profile 

Y. St.James, F. Colbert

Staging Magic: Forty Years of Product Management at Théâtre Sans Fil