IJAM - Volume 4 – N°1 Automne 2001 (PDF)

Volume 4  —  V41-E
ISBN : 1480-8986
Année de publication : 2001
Pages : 76

IJAM - Volume 4 – N°1 Automne 2001 (PDF)


Manager's Voice

J.M. Bradburne

Laboratory for Change: mak.frankfurt as Argument, Experiment and Example


Management and Organizations

G. Thompson

The Community Role and Management of a Not-For-Profit Music Centre


Strategic Management

X. Varela

The Quest for El Dorado: Funding the Arts in Latin America


Financial Management

S. Chatelain- Ponroy

Management Control and Museums


Measurement of Cultural Organization Performance

I. Gilhespy

The Evaluation of Social Objectives in Cultural Organizations


Company Profile

F. Leblanc, 
L. Lapierre

Guy Latraverse and Show Business: A Story of Successful Co-management